Owatonna High School 
*Please contact OHS to determine if there is a CLEP Test option being offered for 18-19*

What is CLEP?
CLEP (College-Level Examination Program®) is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States, with more than 2,900 colleges and universities awarding credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP exams.  The CLEP program is run by College Board.  This is the same group that offers the SAT test and the AP (Advanced Placement) program.  For details about the CLEP program, visit their website: http://clep.collegeboard.org/exam.
With CLEP, a student can earn college credit for what he or she already knows – regardless of where or how that knowledge was acquired – by passing a 90-minute multiple-choice examination.  While similar to the AP Program, CLEP differs in three important ways.  First, the CLEP exam is more expensive than the AP exam.  The State of Minnesota subsidizes the AP program by paying $57 of the test fee.  The CLEP exam is not subsidized, therefore it is more expensive.  The fee to take a CLEP exam at OHS is $100.  An $80 fee is paid online to the College Board and a $20 fee is paid by cash or check to OHS to cover the administrative costs of giving the exam.
The second way CLEP exams differ from AP exams involves the scope of the material covered by the exams.  For example, the CLEP US History exam covers US History by covering two exams: US History Early Colonization until 1877 and US History 1865 to the Present.  A single AP US History test covers the entire time period: US History Colonization until the Present.
Finally, the CLEP exam and the AP exam differ in the number of colleges that accept the exam.  More colleges accept the AP exam for credit than accept the CLEP exam.  Before you take a CLEP exam, you should review the CLEP policy for the college that you are most likely to attend.

To search the CLEP database of more than 2,900 accredited colleges and universities that award credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP exams, visit this website: http://clep.collegeboard.org/overview/collegecredit.

Steps to determine if the CLEP exam is worth taking:
Visit the website of the college(s) you are interested in attending and determine if the institution gives credit for the CLEP exam you want to take

  • Study the materials provided by your teacher or on the CLEP website that will prepare you for the CLEP exam
  • Obtain a copy of the practice exam from your teacher
  • Take and score your practice exam.  If you score 70% or higher on the practice exam, you should strongly consider taking the CLEP exam

CLEP tests are computer-based tests.  They are usually 90 minutes in length and can contain multiple choice and/or fill-in questions.  Scores are revealed at the end of the exam.  The student will know if they have passed or failed.  Generally, colleges will award credit for a CLEP score of 50 or higher.  A CLEP score of 50 is approximately equivalent to 70% correct.
There are CLEP practice questions available online at http://clep.collegeboard.org/exam.