State of MN Driver Ed classes include the option of parental involvement. 
This will be accomplished through a "Parent Packet" and "Parent Class".

The Parent Packet 
- Look for it!  On the first day of each classroom session, each student will be given a Parent Packet.  It will contain all the information each parent will need to know to have their son/daughter go from Driver Ed classroom to obtaining a MN Drivers License. 
This Parent Packet must be read, signed, and returned by the end of classroom. 


The Parent Class - There will be a 1.5 hour long class for the parent of the student driver.    The Point of Impact curriculum, as provided by the MN Dept. of Public Safety, will be used.  This class is not mandatory, but will result in fewer hours of required practice driving time.  The class is only open to parents of students that are registered for Owatonna High School Driver Education. (See the registration form for the date and time of this Parent class for each student classroom session.)

Parent Class attendance benefit -  Any student taking the road test must present to the MN examiners a driving log.  The log sheet must show at least 50 hours of practice driving. However, if you attended the Parent Class, the student will only need to document 40 hours. This log will be presented to the examiners at the time of your road test.  It will then be added to the provisional license application to the Dept. of Public Safety.  

Note: the 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel with an OHS instructor do not count toward these totals.