ALL Owatonna High School driver education teachers are Department of Education certified with a Driver Education licensure. Our instructors have each had to take over 14 semester hours of driver education college credit. Also, each instructor has a valid Minnesota teaching license. This is required by the Department of Public Safety to properly insure we give your son or daughter the best education possible when it comes to driving. This requirement is not true for all MN Driving Schools.  If you do not choose driver education through OHS, be sure to ask about the the teaching background of your instructor so as to be sure you get the best for your child.

OHS Driver Ed Instruction 
By state law, driver education instructors at all public schools must be a certified licensed teacher. Each teacher must have an endorsement of Driver Education on their teaching license. Each teacher has compleated several university courses in the proper teaching of driving skills and methods of delivering instruction to all students. If you do not choose OHS, ask your driver education teacher, whether it be at a private or public school, about their qualifications and preparation. At OHS, we do our best at providing the proper instruction according to state regulations. We will do our best to make sure each student that leaving our program learns how to be a safe and responsible driver.