• If a student is absent from school in the morning, the parent or guardian is asked to call the high school office between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.  The phone number is 444-8805.  If a phone call is received, a note from the parents is not necessary.
  • Any student who has been absent for any part of the day is required to report to the high school office when he/she returns to school to acquire an admit slip, which will be shown to all of his/her teachers.
  • If a student has been in school any part of the day, but plans to be absent from school later, the school must be notified by written permission or by a telephone call from the parent prior to the time the student leaves.  The student must acquire a Permit to Leave the Building pass from the high school office before leaving the school building.
  • If a student becomes ill, he/she must receive permission to go home from the school nurse or the attendance secretary.  Students who become ill and leave school without permission will be marked truant.
  • Absences due to family vacations, college visits, or for an event that is a significant educational opportunity must be arranged prior to the absence in order to be determined excused.  Under no circumstances will students be excused for pre-arranged absences  occurring on state mandated testing dates.  Students are responsible for obtaining the Pre-Arranged Absence form from the website  or from the OHS attendance secretary, completing it with all required signatures, and submitting it to the attendance secretary for final approval by administration a minimum of 5 days prior to the absence.  Absences not pre-arranged and approved will be designated as unexcused absences.
Attendance on Days of School Activities:
  • Students are reminded that except for doctor and dental appointments and school approved activities, attendance for the last two periods of the day is required on the day of a game or a performance.  Violations of this rule will be referred to the principal's and activities director's office.
  • Parents/students will be informed of absences either through the Parent/Student Portal within Infinite Campus or by an automated telephone call.
Please see the student handbook for more information about our Guidelines for Attendance.


Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each student to do the following:
  1. Attend all classes on a daily basis.
  2. Monitor the total number of absences in each course.  Report any errors to the teacher of the course.
  3. Monitor the total number of school authorized absences.  When more than three class periods of a specific course are missed during a quarter, the student will inform the teacher of the class of any subsequent school-authorized activities.
  4. Attend every class considered to be his/her "official" and "current" schedule.  Students should continue attendance to a class even if he/she anticipates changing or dropping that class.  Until the class is officially dropped and the counselor has provided a new "official" schedule, students are expected to attend each of the classes on their schedule.  Failure to do so will constitute an unexcused absence.
  5. Report, when ill, to the Health Office.
  6. Follow all check-in and check-out procedures.
  7. Contact teacher(s) to arrange make-up work.
  8. Students arriving to first hour after the bell has rung must report to the office and get a pass to enter class.  Students arriving within 20 minutes will be marked tardy.  Students arriving after 20 minutes will be coded unexcused.
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each student's parent/guardian to do the following:
  1. Ensure the student is attending school.
  2. Monitor the total number of absences in each course.  Report any errors to the teacher of the course.
  3. Call the Attendance Office prior to a student's absence when a student will be absent.  Parent/guardian must call 444-8805 within 24 hours of the student's return to school.  Following 24 hours, all absences will stand as unexcused or truant.  All students, regardless of age, must have an absence excused by a parent/guardian if the student lives at home.
  4. Schedule appointments before or after school.
  5. Schedule family vacations during official school breaks and summer vacation.
  6. Work cooperatively with the school and the student to resolve any attendance problems that may arise.
  7. Communicate and discuss with the student the High School Attendance Policy.
  8. Contact the Owatonna High School Health Office (444-8806) for assistance if the student has any long-term or chronic health conditions that may result in frequent absences from school.
  9. Ensure that students who are truant are present to serve Saturday School hours as assigned.

Please see the student handbook for more information about our Guidelines for Attendance.