Directing Proposal
The following questions should be fully addressed in a typed proposal.  The proposal need not be in essay format but should be as detailed as possible.  Feel free to include drawings of the set to clarify details. 

1.  What is the name of the play you are planning to direct?
2.     Who is the author of this play?
3.     Who is the publisher of the play?
4.     How many cast members are in your show?
5.     Give a short synopsis of the plot.
6.     Are there any particular casting difficulties that you foresee (e.g. the script calls for an actor that has one leg, etc)?  How do you intend to address these issues?
7.     What are the technical requirements that you envision for this show (e.g. set, lights, etc.)?
8.      What are the technical challenges, if any, that this show will require?  (e.g. one character must fly, or there are 5 separate locations, etc)
9.     Are there any parts of the script that could be seen as objectionable?  Address each instance in detail (please use quotes of the exact material) and whether/how you plan to change the script.  If you do not plan to change the script, explain why this objectionable material is necessary to the show.  
10. Why would this play be a good one to produce in Owatonna at this time? 
Directing Proposals are due to Mr. Eitrheim (B-plaza) by the end of the day on Friday, April 5, 2019
 Note: Make sure you submit a copy of the script with this proposal. 

Up to four shows may be chosen for production based upon the quality and detail of the proposals submitted. 
Shows that will be produced will be announced after the spring play is over, Sunday, April 14 following strike of the spring play